With ongoing career and college counseling, Cove high school students can make informed decisions in planning post-secondary school choices.

Throughout their experience at Cove, high school students meet individually with a full-time transition counselor to complete inventories related to their interests, abilities and values, and to prepare for standardized assessments such as the SAT exams.

High School students also take a credited computer education course that provides them with instruction on various job-related skills, including how to write business letters, cover letters and resumes, and how to complete on-line job applications.

Currently, Cove has active partnerships with many area vocational services and other resources in the community. These agencies include: the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS), the Jewish Vocational Service (JVS), Junior Achievement, regional high school districts, special education districts (such as SEDOL, NSSED, NSSEO) and the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce. These valuable relationships are essential to the success of Cove’s current and future transition services.

Teachers working with a student using a cash register