Teachers doing art activities with students

Cove's fine arts program is an integral part of the broad-based educational program, which has an impact on the total development of the student. It is Cove's belief that students with learning disabilities need to be exposed to the arts so that they can understand their strengths and pursue their talents and career interests and improve the student’s self-esteem. Cove’s extensive fine arts program boasts high quality instructors two music specialist,  (including a Juliard-trained instructor), a full-time Art Therapist, art teacher, partnerships with prestigious programs such as the Piven Theatre, and plentiful opportunities for students to explore the arts.


Through the art activities, areas that are a focus for development include the following: motor development, visual perception, body awareness and image, tactile and kinesthetic perception, and memory. It is the goal of the art program to facilitate both cognitive and emotional growth as well as artistic ability. 

Students will have an opportunity to explore the following areas:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Chance to enter art in several area art shows

Students also have the opportunity to engage in Digital Photography classes where the students work to develop visual perceptual skills to organize and order their world. 


The goals of the music program are to

  • Develop an awareness and sensitivity to various types of music
  • Expand skills, talents and techniques useful in musical expression
  • Help each student explore and develop choral or instrumental talents while integrate rhythmic, reading and singing activities
  • Large and fine motor skills as they relate to musical expression.  Modifications to the program will be made if necessitated by a student’s IEP. 

Cove's theater program recognizes the unique abilities and talents of every student, providing a safe and supportive space for them to explore the world of theater. With a dedicated team of experienced instructors, we foster a love for the performing arts while nurturing the personal and academic growth of our students. Theater at Cove instills essential skills for life such as communication, collaboration and self-expression. At Cove, theater is a powerful tool for building self-esteem, promoting social interactions and igniting a lifelong passion for the arts.


In addition to Cove’s stellar art and music programs, students can join in an after-school dance program and/or cheer on the Cove Cougers on the Poms Squad both taught by a certified teacher and avid dancer on Cove’s full-time staff.

Modifications to the program will be made if necessitated by the student’s IEP. Art and Music may be elected to fulfill the high school graduation Fine Arts requirement.