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About the Cove Career Center

Serving as a program to provide a unique and highly individualized education and life strategies for young adults ages 18-22 with learning disabilities, the Cove Career Center also offers post-high school academic instruction, vocational opportunities, job coaching, independent living skills and social support to prepare for adult life.

The overall goal of Cove’s Transition Services at the CCC is to prepare young adults for their post-secondary lives with independence and self-determination skills. The program structure is highly individualized to focus on each student’s goals and needs, however, many independent skill areas are worked on by all students.

Some learning components at the Cove Career Center include banking/budgeting classes, practical money management experiences, grocery shopping, daily meal preparation, independent living classes, fitness at a local recreation center, travel training using public transportation, social planning, and internships/paid employment. Related services are integrated into weekly programming and community outings.

Cove Career Center students receive ongoing academic instruction in Reading, Writing, and Math multiple times a week. 

We know that with the right support and tools, our students can—and are eager to—learn beyond high school to fully reach their potential.

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Consider a Partnership with The Cove School

Partnering with the Cove Career Center helps businesses meet their needs while strengthening their competitive edge. Cove business partners have reported positive outcomes as they discover untapped potential, expand their pool of potential talent, create a culture of diversity and often improve morale throughout the company. Cove's vocational team is committed to supporting the placement and fit from the initial visit to the training, and throughout the duration of the partnership. 

For admission information, please contact Mark Ditthardt at

For information about becoming a Cove Business Partner, please call 847-562-2100 or email Luisa Rapisarda at

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