At The Cove School, we provide a variety of physical activities that are integrated throughout the school day. Additionally, for students who are passionate about competitive sports, we offer a selection of after-school sports programs, where students play in home and away games, as well as have the opportunity to participate in statewide competitions such as the Illinois State Special Olympics games.

The goal of the Physical Education program is to develop the whole child through a wide range of differentiated activities. These activities will enable and encourage every student to establish basic motor competence, guide in the growth of a student’s personal physical fitness while developing lifelong fitness goals, and help foster an appreciation for socially responsible participation in lifelong physical activity.

In addition to an adapted Physical Education curriculum, The Cove School utilizes a premier Fitness Center which helps to develop an appreciation for, and an understanding of, the lifelong benefits that result from a developed knowledge of health-related fitness. This Fitness Program will facilitate the growth of each student’s physical fitness levels, grow each student’s knowledge of fitness principles, and form a foundation for positive attitudes and beliefs for the benefits of lifelong fitness.

Highlights From the 2022-23 Year of Sports at Cove: 

  • The Junior High basketball teams had an exhilarating Special Olympics State Championship victory
  • The High School teams' excelled on the court and in the classroom 
  • The Junior High Soccer Team brought home the gold medal from the Special Olympics summer games
  • Launch of Cove's first bocce club - we have an ongoing commitment to inclusive sports
  • All teams prioritize friendships, kindness and understanding, making each grade-level win a testament to the value of acceptance and teamwork