• Belonging - Cove students experience connectedness within a broader community and feel that this is “their school”
  • Personalization - Students know their thoughts, feelings and opinions matter and we care about their unique needs
  • Collaboration - We provide an integrated service delivery model, partnering with parents and private providers
  • Diagnostic - Students are assessed and their profiles are aligned with specific interventions
  • Preparedness for Life - We provide the support and tools our students need to succeed in the classroom and outside of the classroom


Students benefit from an extended math block as well as an extended literacy block which is taught by Orton-Gillingham trained teachers. Science, Social Studies, Health & Fitness and Electives are experiential and project-based in order to fully engage students. A focus on Executive Functioning is integrated throughout the school day with direct instruction during homeroom. Every student who comes to Cove is screened for the use of Assistive Technology and are provided with the tools, strategies and training that enable them to become independent learners.

In-House Clinical Team

Cove provides robust and individualized clinical support for each student. 

The Clinical Team at Cove consists of Speech and Language Pathologists, Social Workers, Wilson and Orton-Gillingham Trained Reading Teachers, Occupational Therapists, an Art Therapist, Math Resource Support, Assistive Technology Specialists, Instructional Coaches, School Psychologist, Clinical Director, Academic Director and Neuropsychologist Consultants. 

Clinical services are integrated throughout the instructional day and are provided to students at all age levels.

Comprehensive Program

The Cove School provides a range of comprehensive academic programs that are tailored to meet the unique learning styles and needs of students with learning disabilities.

Students are offered a diverse array of academic subjects and courses, including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, STEAM and specialized instruction in areas such as executive functioning, study skills and assistive technology, providing studdents with a well-rounded education that caters to their individual strengths and challenges.