STEAM Classes at Cove School focus on learning the fundamentals of Design thinking, such as collaboration, persistence, applying past knowledge, gathering data and thinking flexibly. These skills are essential 21st Century Skills that will help our students be successful in the post-secondary pursuits.

The features of our program include:  

Elementary/Junior High: The Cove School offers a full STEAM curriculum to all Elementary and Junior High students. Students use the engineering design process to find solutions and develop prototypes. They are encouraged to act as scientists and engineers through the use of sketches, diagrams, mathematical relationships, and literacy connections. Creating their own sketches, models, and products based on background information and research. In one example, students are collaborating with their peers to build houses out of cardboard. It is integrated with art which allows students to customize and individualize their build, while working on core skills of measurement, engineering and taking responsible risks. The projects provide a challenge while accounting for the individual needs of students. Which allows for all students at Cove School to be successful.

High School: High School students have the opportunity to take electives that provide real world certifications, such as Computer Maintenance. Computer coding classes teach students a real-world skill by focusing on learning languages like Python and Javascript. They continue to practice collaborative skills and are challenged by projects with real-world solutions. Students can be successful as materials are presented at their reading level and concepts are reinforced by connecting them to concepts covered in STEAM classes.    

The field of STEAM education is constantly changing and improving in response to the real-world demands of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. To stay on the cutting edge and help Cove stay current on skills needed for Career Readiness, we are asking for your support for the following items:

  • A 3d Printer
  • Providing MakerSpace Materials and Tools
  • A full adaptable computer coding curriculum for High School students in Javascript and Python
  • Hands-on materials for coding and demonstrating engineering concepts