Elementary and Junior High

The K - 8 program serves students with learning disabilities from age five to fifteen. The class composition is determined by age, social maturity, academic achievement and curriculum requirements.  Language arts, mathematics, science and social studies are taught.  In addition, study skills, critical thinking skills, auditory, receptive and expressive language are emphasized throughout the program.  Students also receive instruction in physical education, music, art, computer, and library skills.   Students may also receive related services in social work, speech/language therapy, and occupational therapy.  Eighth grade students are eligible to receive an eighth grade diploma.  A passing score on both the State and Federal Constitution tests are required for graduation.  Tuition reimbursed students are also entitled to an eighth grade diploma from their local school districts.

High School

The high school program serves students with learning disabilities from age fourteen to twenty-two.  The high school curriculum includes courses in English, creative writing, reading/decoding; math (life skills, consumer math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry); science (biology, earth science, physical science/chemistry); social science (U.S. History, world history, humanities, government); PE, health, consumer education, vocational/career education. These courses teach not only the specific content objectives, but also the critical thinking, auditory, receptive and expressive language, and study skills related to the subject matter. The integration of these areas provides a means for improving and expanding the students' thinking skills, oral language abilities, study skills, and content area knowledge.

Depending upon the students' needs, the senior high school program offers self-contained and departmentalized classes.  Students are placed in English and mathematics classes on the basis of their achievement level and social maturity.

Electives may consist of the following courses: art, music, choir, drama, digital photography, computer applications, oral communications, journalism, introduction to business, career education, and world language.

The Cove School awards a standard high school diploma to students who satisfy the graduation requirements of both the School and the State of Illinois.