Cove Students Amaze at Elementary Showcase

Cove Students Amaze at Elementary Showcase

The Cove School’s elementary students wowed their fellow classmates, friends and family Tuesday as they performed their annual Elementary Showcase.  The students sang and danced their way through the distant past as a part of the show Dig It! A Musical Tale of Ancient Civilizations.

In Dig It!, the elementary class regaled the histories of the oldest societies, from Mesopotamia to ancient Egypt, onto the forming of Greece and Rome and with an eye pointed towards the present and the future. Cove students made these histories come alive through their humor, talent and can-do spirit!  

The Cove gym was full of fellow Cove classmates, families and friends ready to take in the song-and-dance spectacle. Parents and grandparents snapped photos and watched in awe at the talents and tenacity of their Cove kids.

The elementary showcase was helmed by Fine Arts Teacher Dr. Dorothy-Jean Lloyd. Elementary Teacher and Dance Instructor Krystle Schrantz provided the choreography for the show, and Music Teacher Stuart Seale led the staff band.  

In lieu of an admission cost, friends and family were asked to bring a donation for the Cove Kids Care drive of a boxed or canned non-perishable food item.   

The show was an outstanding success thanks to the wonder Cove staff who volunteered their time and efforts, the families who travelled to see the show and most of all because of the dedicated and determined elementary students themselves.  

As the elementary cast sang at the end of Dig It!, “Thank you for coming to our show, now we really have to go. But we think you all must agree, you can learn from history!”