Cove Cougar Roars Proudly at Halloween Parade

Cove Cougar Roars Proudly at Halloween Parade

For the annual Cove School costume parade and classroom festivities on Halloween, staff and students chose their favorite outfits, from vampires to mummies to zombies. For Cove Senior Levi Davishoff, the decision was a no-brainer, as he once again suited up and stepped into his reoccurring role as the Cove Cougar mascot.

Since winning the honor of performing as the mascot at last year’s benefit, Levi has given loads of high fives and warmed plenty of hearts at several Cove events. He roared for the runners in Cove’s 5k last June, and dished out welcoming greetings at the picnic to kickoff the school year in August.

The Halloween parade was no different, as elementary student dressed as pirates, princesses, sports players and plenty more were treated to a high five from The Cove Cougar. Joining Levi to pass out candy were Cove’s costumed administration team and staff.

Levi’s Mom and Deerfield resident Marla Davishoff said becoming the Cove Cougar has allowed Levi to find his own space to show his support for the school and be a key component to the Cove culture.

“Levi has always been in adaptive gym and has never been able to participate in extra-curricular sports, even when they were adapted for him,” Davishoff said. “So this is really the first time he can do something to kind of show off his participation and enthusiasm for the teams. It gives him a chance to shine.”

Since his debut at the 5k, Levi has taken a liking to his newfound position, Davishoff said.

“Actually, the picture of him as the mascot is his Facebook page. The last time [Cove] had a professional photographer I ordered two pictures for him. One of him with the mask on and one without the mask, and he loves showing people them.” Davishoff said.

The elementary school parade and wider classroom festivities wrapped up weeks of spookily delightful Halloween celebrations at The Cove School.

Elementary and junior high students danced to DJ music, played carnival games and traded game tokens for prizes at the Halloween Carnival Costume and Dance Party on Friday, October 20.  

The following week, Cove’s high school students brought their costumes, appetites and dance moves to a Spooktacular Halloween Party on Friday, October 27. Then, on the day of Halloween, they enjoyed bagels and juice upon arriving to school.  

Following the parade, elementary students returned to the classrooms for more Halloween-themed activities, while junior high classrooms threw parties throughout the day that included festive games, spooky movies and delicious treats.

We look forward to seeing our Cove Cougar mascot at the upcoming annual potluck and book fair.