Careers in the Classroom 2016

Careers in the Classroom 2016

On Thursday, March 17, Cove held its annual Career Day with 21 presenters from a wide range of career categories. We are grateful to all who participated and took time out of their work days to talk with students at “Careers In The Classroom 2016.”As in years past, this was a successful and enriching experience for Cove students. Students appreciate the exposure to realistic attainable careers which is why this day is so valuable and informative.

The Career Day program allows all the students in junior high and high school to choose four career presentations they have an interest in. Elementary students choose three careers and participate in a career related art project.

The days’  presenters included individuals with careers in the following fields: advertising, video game design, web coding, software development, music, veterinary medicine, real estate, auto parts sales, shipping/logistics, law enforcement, fire fighting, nursing, physical therapy, human resources, hairdressing, fish mongering, social work, dog training, and respiratory support. Among the presenters at Career Day 2016 were many parents of Cove students (present and past), relatives, and community businesses.

Some students dressed up for the day. Junior high and high school dressed in business causal attire, while some elementary students dressed up as “what they wanted to be when they grow up.” There were several future teachers, some professional athletes, firefighters, police officers and even a fairy princess mom!

In the afternoon, the entire school came together for an all-school presentation. The Chicago Blackhawks had two representatives from the marketing and ticket sales department. Rebecca Goldstein and TR Johnson spoke about how they became interested in sports marketing and suggested that students follow their hearts and pursue what they are passionate about. Rebecca was wearing her Stanley Cup playoff ring (the same one the team members get) and gave us an up-close look. Tommy Hawk, the Blackhawk team mascot also made a special guest appearance. He dazzled us with his dance moves, sprayed us with silly string, and threw out t-shirts to the crowd!

Another amazing Career Day for the books!