Technology is an integral part of the learning process at Cove that supports the core mission of our school by providing customized tools to enhance our students' individualized education while preparing them to independently access life strategies to support their short and long term academic and transition goals.

At Cove, students benefit from a “Blended Device Environment” that provides each student with a personalized laptop and access to iPads and iMac desktop computers to meet the needs of each student depending on the task.

The Cove School adheres to the principles of “Universal Design for Learning” (UDL) and believe that a  “Blended Device Environment” makes it possible to meet each of the following UDL Guidelines.

  • Provide Multiple Means of Representation (the “what” of learning)
  • Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression (the “how” of learning)
  • Provide Multiple Means of Engagement (the “why” of learning)


In addition to the variety of devices, there is a wide range of software tools available to students. Cove is a Google Apps For Education school that allows students to access tools such as Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Classroom “any place and any time”.

In the summer of 2014, Cove began a partnership with the Motorola Mobility Foundation to begin a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) program. Students now have access to 3-D printing, Lego Robotics, littleBits electronics while having opportunities to learn coding and basic programming skills.

Students also have access to a myriad of assistive technology tools. You can learn more about the AT services by visiting this website.

Cove students benefit from a full-time Technology Coordinator, Technology Facilitator, and Assistive Technology Coordinator.