Who We Serve

After sometimes struggling for years, students at Cove finally have a place that understands them, respects them and gives them the educational and emotional tools they need to be successful.

The Cove School is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education to serve students with a variety of disabilities.   The primary focus is serving students diagnosed with a learning disability. A learning disability is a lifelong disorder which affects the way in which individuals select, retain and express information.  Information may become scrambled as it travels between the senses and the brain.  A learning disability is often termed a “hidden disability” because it may be difficult for others to recognize. You can look at a person and have no idea of his or her learning disability.

Students with learning disabilities often have additional diagnoses that contribute to the complexity of their needs. This can include difficulties with attention, sensory processing and social skill development.  Due to the complex nature of their processing challenges, it is often difficult for our students to participate in general education settings.  They often require one-on-one or small group learning. Many of our students require a greater degree of explicit teaching strategy, instruction and/or multi-sensory learning experiences. The students’ processing difficulties also make it difficult for them to distinguish non-verbal social cues. This can interfere with their ability to make and maintain friendships.