Building a Brighter Future.

Life’s biggest moments are measured in milestones. For a parent, it’s the magic of a child’s first word. For an athlete, it’s the first big goal in front of the hometown crowd. But for those with learning disabilities, it’s the moment they receive the tools that make everything else make sense. Suddenly, books are a gateway to adventure. Understanding becomes part of every math equation. And timid young learners develop the confidence they need to reach the pivotal milestones of life.

Since 1947, The Cove School has watched that moment arrive for thousands of children throughout the greater Chicago area. From small, structured classrooms to computer-assisted learning, we’ve helped countless students “learn how to learn” in an exceptional program that moves children off the sidelines and into the mainstream of an enriched learning environment.

Now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year.

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Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017