Changing Lives. Building Futures

A Message from Dr. Sally L. Sover, Executive Director

For 70 years, Cove has served as a vital stepping-stone in our community, helping children with learning disabilities develop the skills and self-confidence required to successfully transition to community schools or post-secondary education. We provide a comprehensive, individualized approach to learning. At Cove, we recognize the complex learning needs of students with learning disabilities, and we provide the integrated specialized services that contribute greatly to their success.

Cove parents, teachers and specialists work hand-in-hand to ensure the best possible educational plans for our students. When students arrive at Cove, they immediately feel the difference that comes from a nurturing, supportive environment. They feel safe, yet challenged, to reach their fullest potential, and they often make new friends, establishing the social relationships that are so important in life.

Fall of 2006 marked the completion of a major building expansion and the beginning of a new era at Cove. With renovations complete, students received the room they need to achieve new growth — academically, socially and physically.

If you know a child who could benefit from an enhanced learning environment, we invite you to explore our website and visit our school for an in-depth personal tour. We look forward to sharing our vision for a world where every child finds the tools they need to adapt, to learn, and to grow.

Dr. Sally L. Sover