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The Cove@65 Campaign

For 65 years The Cove School has been changing lives.  Its founders understood that traditional teaching methods did not work for every child.  They pushed the boundaries of conventional wisdom at the time and, in so doing, created the first learning institution specifically focused on educating children with learning disabilities.  Its mission is as significant now as it was then:  to provide individualized education and life strategies for children with complex learning disabilities.

Today, Cove’s educational program strives to do even more than change lives.  It is building futures that were not possible 65 years ago.  Advancements in adaptive equipment, technology and educational approaches are available to enable students to reach new heights.  With effective skill training, changes in society have opened possibilities for Cove students to lead productive lives beyond their school years.

To make the most of these opportunities, The Cove School launched The Cove@65 Campaign to expand five key programs:  Health and Fitness, Technology, Transition and Placement Services, Financial Assistance, and Professional Development.

The Cove@65 Campaign raised $1.25 million that funded:


Thank you for being part of The Cove@65 Campaign!