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Technology opens doors for our students and removes barriers. At Cove, we recognize that technology is needed to support our students’ academics and to support their success in life.”  - The Cove School Technology Plan

Cove currently has computers in every classroom that are fully equipped with a suite of software that includes Microsoft Office, Inspiration, Dragon, Kurzweil and Co Writer. Many of these programs are considered assistive technology and help students with a variety of disabilities facilitate their learning and demonstrate their knowledge.  For example, students who may have difficulty reading or writing are able to dictate their thoughts with Dragon; the program will recognize their words and type them out. Additionally, each classroom at Cove has 3 to 4 speaking dictionaries as well as MP3 players available for students to download, and listen to e-books. Cove utilizes PowerPoint, not only as a tool for presentations, but also as a way to create study guides for spelling, vocabulary and math.

In 2010, interactive SMART Boards were installed in every classroom through out the school.  Utilizing these white boards allows teachers to create a learning environment for students that is interactive in an auditory, visual and kinesthetic fashion.

Cove students benefit from a full-time Assistive Technology Specialist who works one-on-one or in small groups and a full-time Technology Coordinator.