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Intensive Related Services

At Cove, we recognize that many of our students need more time to achieve their goals.  Intensive, integrated services in speech/language, reading, social work, and occupational therapy are provided.

Speech Language Services: Speech/Language therapy is an integral part of the comprehensive programming offered at The Cove School. Therapy is provided in both individual and group therapy formats and integrated within the student's academic and social curriculum. Students are evaluated using a variety of standardized language protocols, clinical observation and team discussion to help identify their strengths and weaknesses. Speech and language goals are developed by the Speech Pathologist and the student's team of specialists, as a part of the IEP process. To facilitate the transition to post high school opportunities, emphasis is placed on strengthening social communication skills, improving self-advocacy, and developing and using strategies that optimize success in the world-of-work.  

Assisted Reading: High School reading services are provided in the classroom, small group settings, and on an individualized basis. The Cove School's specialists assess students, and services are delivered based upon those assessments and the teachers' recommendations. Reading instruction focuses on decoding as students are taught the necessary strategies/rules to become proficient readers. In addition, vocabulary, word usage, fluency, and comprehension are key components of the program.  Direct instruction at a student’s instructional reading level is essential to progress. The use of technology comprises another essential part of our reading program. Students learn to use technology to access and support reading. Examples of reading technology are: e-Books, screen readers, and Kurzweil 3000.

Social Work Services: Social work services for Cove's high school program are designed to accommodate the unique social and emotional needs of each student. At the individual level, students receive weekly services to provide the support and guidance that will assist them in reaching the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) standards required by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). Services are also provided in dyads or small groups to promote confidence and success for students in their ability to establish satisfying peer relationships. On a systemic and more collaborative level, social workers co-facilitate classes with speech/language pathologists and learning disabilities specialists in health, communications, and English classes. In each of these areas of intervention, strong consideration is given to the unique biological, psychological, and social development of each student. It is the social workers' goal to intervene at the level of the students’ emotional development, and to promote ongoing growth at a pace that is conducive to their success. All administrators, teachers, specialists, and teachers’ assistants are dedicated to promoting the emotional safety that is an absolute necessity for our students so that they may focus their energies on learning. In that sense, Cove embraces the notion that, "It takes a village to raise a child."    

Occupational Therapy: Best Practice Occupational Therapy is an integrated service delivery model, working in collaboration with the classroom teachers to help improve occupational performance. Within The Cove School, each child continues to receive individualized treatment, although the focus is to prepare our students for life/academics outside of the school walls. Treatment sessions are incorporated into the classroom setting (push in) with less focus on individualized (pull-out) sessions. This allows for generalization of skills within a more natural environment. As always, if specific skills or areas of need are present that would benefit from individualized pull-out session(s), then these sessions are scheduled into the student's school day with minimal disruption to academic classes.

Assistive Technology See link under Technology