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Dear Friends of Cove:

On behalf of The Cove School Parent Association, we wish you a wonderful 2014-2015 school year. Cove School is comprised of a rich community of people dedicated to the continued growth and support of all students, past and present. Through invested sponsorship of various programs and events at Cove, the Parent Association supports this unique and diverse community. 

The Parent Association organizes the Cove parent volunteer program to closely mirror the unique services offered at Cove. We provide ongoing and as needed support to Cove through Community Building, Fundraising, School Programs and Events, Student Social Activities and Outreach. In the following pages you will find large and small volunteer opportunities, with the liaison and contact information. We understand that our lives are often hectic and demanding. Please join in any capacity-no job is too small, no idea too big. Participate wherever and whenever possible and know that we appreciate your presence and efforts.                                                                        

Together, we will help Cove continue to be a very special community, enabling our students to experience academic, social and personal success.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any of the PA committee members a question. Our contact information is listed below. Welcome, and thank you for your support!

The Cove School Parent Association Steering Committee

Robbie Cichon, Co-president

Betsy Crosswhite, Co-president

Jenine Buchanan, Committee

Maureen Klatt, Social Programming

Kelly Coyne, Fundraising

Tracey Redderoth, Committee

Volunteer Guide and Sign-Up Form

  • Click here for the Cove Volunteer Guide. 
  • Click here for the Cove Volunteer Sign-Up Form.

Potluck Dinner Sign-up Links

  • Click here for the Potluck Volunteer sign-up.
  • Click here for the Potluck RSVP and food sign-up.

Directory Advertising Campaign
  • Click here for the Directory Advertising Campaign.